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Mid to Late Career or Already in Retirement

It's Important to Understand the Stages of the Financial Planning Life Cycle

Mid to Late Career is Your Preserving & Increasing Wealth Stage
Already in Retirement is Your Living on Saved Wealth Stage

These Stages are Closely Linked and Must be Considered Together

Although these are two distinct stages, we believe that they must be considered together when planning for a financially successful retirement. In your Mid to Late Career we're focused on preserving and increasing your wealth, and we're planning how to create a continuing income stream for your Retirement when you are living on your saved wealth.

If you plan and execute effectively in your Mid to Late Career, you may have the option to retire at an earlier age than you may have thought! This option gives you the choice to retire, keep working, pursue a passion project or even start a business that suits your retirement lifestyle.

Things You Should Consider in These Stages

  • Implement growth investment strategies with effective risk management in mind
  • Implement investment strategies that will create steady income streams for your retirement
  • Use tax efficient investment strategies
  • Explore options to open a "brokerage window" inside of your company sponsored retirement plan - 401(k), 403(b) and 457(b)
  • Consider rolling your employer sponsored retirement plan into your IRA
  • If you have a pension, decide if you want monthly pension payments or a lump sum rollover into your IRA
  • If you have kids going to college, how will paying for their education impact your retirement?
  • Do you plan to start a business?
  • Do you plan on investing or diversifying into real estate?
  • Optimize your Social Security income for you and your spouse
  • What are your retirement living expenses? Remember to plan for the fun stuff like travel, entertainment, dining out, leisure and family events
  • What is your debt plan for your retirement? Do you want no debt or some debt?
  • Keep your estate plan and will or trust up to date
  • Review your life insurance and legacy gifting strategy
  • Do you want to create a plan to give to charities during your lifetime and beyond?

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