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Real Estate Investors

Important Tax Mitigation Strategies for Real Estate Investors

Defer or Eliminate Capital Gains Tax When You Sell Your Investment Real Estate

We are Experts in Real Investments

Our qualified TEAM of financial, tax and real estate professionals deeply understands real estate investing. Many of us are active real estate investors. We offer and review various alternative investments and even monetized installment sales.

    Things You Should Consider as a Real Estate Investor

    • Have you recently done a comparative market analysis (CMA) for your properties?   
    • Have you reviewed your highly appreciated investment property to see if it's close to being fully depreciated or already fully depreciated?
    • What real estate specific tax savings strategies have you explored to maximize your returns?  
    • How thorough are your Rental Property Profit and Loss Statements? and what recent analysis have been done to them?
    • When was the last time you thoroughly reviewed your property & liability insurance policies?
    • What assets protection planning have you done? and are they up-to- date with the recent tax and law changes?
    • Have you updated your trusts to include all of your real estate holdings and make sure they are titled properly?
    • What wealth transfer strategists or options have you considered to easily divisible asset to leave your heirs?
    • Did you recently sell your highly appreciated investment property and can’t find a like-kind replacement?

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