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Brandon Rivera, CKA, PFP

Brandon Rivera, CKA, PFP

VP, Financial Planner

Brandon has been in the financial planning world for as long as he can remember. In the early '90s he recalls joining his step-father at the radio or television studios. At the studio, he would listen to his step-father educate listeners or viewers on the importance of financial planning and living trust topics in order to preserve estates. Prior to working alongside his step-father, Brandon is beyond grateful and thankful his grandfather Ray taught him a disciplined work ethic.

Although inclined with a curiosity for medicine, Brandon decided to pursue financial planning and eventually found a way to help those in the medical and dental professions. Simultaneously, as he completed his college degree, Brandon obtained his professional licensing. As his career progressed, he acquired practice knowledge from industry leading colleagues and went on to complete a rigorous financial planning program at UCLA.  

Brandon's focus is working alongside and guiding his clients as they pursue their life's purpose. Joy is found in seeing his clients thrive throughout their years and overcoming challenges. Brandon envisions his family, friends, colleagues and clients - move from success to significance.