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Juan Mora

Juan Mora

Insurance Specialist

Juan started with obtaining life insurance for himself at the age of 16. Growing up in an urban city, Juan has gone to many funerals. He has observed countless families with parents struggle to raise money for their loved one’s funeral – such scenes really touched his heart..

Juan did not want his parents to to have to struggle in that manner. So even at sixteen, Juan obtained a life insurance on himself and have been promoting insurances/family coverage ever since then. He has assisted many of his close friends firstly through education by explaining the importance of obtaining life insurance on themselves to protect their family from any unexpected struggles or from any catastrophic event of harm on themselves.

Through informing people, it led Juan into obtaining more knowledge in finances and Medical/Medicare policies. Juan has assisted his mom in choosing the right Medical policy as a senior and has invested money for his disabled son who is deaf/blind. For 20 years, Juan been involved with coalition of deaf/blind parents and has been assisting them, like his own family, on accounts that they can look into as parents of deaf/blind children.

Juan provides his services with great humility and selflessness, always thinking of others first, providing them with proper education and be of a good source of reference/resource for those he encounters.

In 2014, Juan obtained his life and health insurance as an independent insurance professional, so he can provide his clients with all possible options.

Juan has always kept himself busily involved with the community. His on-going community involvement as a Block Club Commissioner/Special needs advocate and executive board member has given him a broad understanding in assisting everyone that he meets with a smile and providing them with information on protecting their family and investing in their future.

Juan is blessed by his faith and family. He has been married to the love of his life for over 20 years and they have 4 children together, one son with special needs and 3 daughters. Juan did go back to college for his Bachelors in Business with a concentration in Finance to show his children that if Dad can be successful in college even as a busy parent, so can they. He loves spending time with his family doing simple to major things together.